Alert: Greg Gutfeld Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

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(SNews) – Greg Gutfeld sat for an interview with comedian turned podcast host Dave Rubin where the Fox News star made a heartbreaking statement about his career.

“Do you think it’s kind of, I guess weird or bizarre that you’re on a cable news network where everyone is watching you waiting to destroy you at any given moment?” Rubin said.

Gutfeld said: “It’s weird because, the irony is, more dangerous on Gutfeld! — they leave me alone.

“But the people that are really trying to get me are the ones that are auditing and I use, like auditing The Five.

“So they’re actually like, it’s like they’re not taking the course, you know, they’re showing up in the back hoping that the professor uses the wrong pronoun.

“I noticed that it’s more like — I would assume that at least once a week there is somebody deliberately trying to destroy my career, but I can’t let that stop me.

“I’ve talked about this in previous books.

“We all have to share the risk, and I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, but I have to say that you helped destroy cancel culture by monetizing the act of being canceled.

“If you get canceled and there’s another way out, you will always rise above,” he said.

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