Alert: Newt Gingrich Issues Urgent Warning About 2024

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(SNews) – Republican former House Speaker New Gingrich has issued a warning to the GOP about Michelle Obama as Democrat President Joe Biden continues to sink in the polls.

Biden is underwater where it counts, especially with independent voters, and most Democrats do not want him to run again in 2024.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris has been a massive disappointment in her current role, leaving Democrats no option to put her forward for the top job.

But Gingrich has been watching the Obamas travel around the world and he thinks something is up.

He told Republicans to pay closer attention to Michelle Obama because he thinks she is preparing to swoop in and run to save the Democrats from a Biden loss.

Democrats have been dreaming of Michelle Obama running for president for some time.

Michelle would be a far stronger candidate than Biden or Harris and would be tough to beat, as Newt knows.

So Gingrich wants the GOP to pay closer attention to Obama as Biden falters.

Newt said that Susan Rice’s sudden departure from the Biden admin informed his thought process.

He said: “I think at a minimum, it probably is a sign that she said, don’t do it, and he said, I’m doing it anyway.

“And I think she just didn’t want to be part of a Biden reelection.

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“And I also think that I was very struck when Mark Halperin, in his wide world of news, ran the video of Michelle Obama on stage with Bruce Springsteen.

“She’s playing a tambourine.

“She recently had 9000 people at an event with Oprah in Los Angeles.

“I think Republicans had better pay significant attention to Michelle Obama.

“I hadn’t believed that until I saw her on stage with Bruce Springsteen.

“I thought, this is not a person who’s hiding.

“So it’s conceivable that Susan Rice and others are beginning to say they’re not going to be part of some kamikaze reelection campaign with a guy who can’t remember what he did yesterday.”


Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is doing everything to protect Biden and will refuse to hold debates even though two Democrat candidates, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Willamson, are polling around 30%.

A DNC insider, Symone Sanders, said today: “The Democratic National Committee will not facilitate a primary process.

“There will be no debate stage for Robert Kennedy Jr, Marianne Williamson, or anyone else.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr is polling at 19% and he’s running as a Democrat for President.

“I explain why this is laughable + what the reality of the situation is (Spoiler alert, no Dem primary).”

Liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald said:

“The open, explicit contempt the Dem Party has for every voter who isn’t blindly loyal to them is amazing to see.

“This contempt is most often directed at the party’s disaffected “progressive” wing, because they know – thanks to Bernie and AOC – they have them on total lockdown.”

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