Alert: Rand Paul Sounds The Alarm

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(SNews) – Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has raised the alarm by warning the American people that the federal government run “out of money” and “ammo.”

Sen Paul declared that the U.S. cannot afford to keep sending money and ammo to Ukraine in order to fight a war with Russia.

Appearing on Fox Business, Paul responded to the almost weekly announcement now that Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration is sending more tax dollars to Ukraine.

“From a fiscal conservative perspective, it makes no sense to borrow money from China to send it to Ukraine,” Paul urged.

“It’s not like we’re sending them surplus funds.

“It’s like, ‘Oh, we have surplus ammo around.’

“We’re actually out of ammo now, we’re out of money,” Paul emphasized.

“And so, there’s no real sense in continuing to do this.”

Biden himself admitted recently that the reason he is sending horrific cluster bombs to Ukraine is that “we’ve run out of ammunition.”

“This war can go on forever,” Paul continued.

“I don’t think the Russians are ever leaving Crimea.

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“I don’t think the Ukrainians have the might to push them out.”

“If the endpoint is Russia has to leave Crimea and all other parts they occupy of Ukraine then the war goes on, it will be a war of attrition over many, many years and the Ukrainian people are suffering horribly,” Paul further explained.


Earlier this week, the Senate voted down an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.

The bill was introduced by Paul in an effort to clarify that Article 5 of the NATO treaty does not take precedence over the need for Congress to declare war.

As things stand, if NATO declared it was under attack, the U.S., as part of the alliance would be duty-bound to form part of the collective defense commitment.

Defending Ukraine in such a way would mean starting a nuclear war with Russia and possibly China.

Meanwhile, Biden’s lead challenger in the 2024 Democrat primary, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has vowed to push for disbanding NATO if elected.

“It is insane to even keep NATO going,” Kennedy said during a fundraiser dinner on Tuesday.

“Russia lost the cold war.

“The people who run Russia are people who we want running Russia.

“Let’s help them the way we did Germany and Japan after that war with the Marshall Plan.

“That’s not what we did.”

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