Alert: RFK Jr Moves To Take Down Joe Biden Once And For All

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(SNews) – Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took aim at President Joe Biden’s failing policies during a fiery town hall event in New York City.

During the campaign event in Brooklyn on Thursday, Kennedy galvanized supporters with hot-button topics like Big Pharma, Biden’s climate agenda, and bringing back the Gold Standard.

RFK Jr. told the crowd he would shut down Biden’s green agenda and warned that the Democrat president’s “carbon capture” plan is a “boondoggle.”

Kennedy said it is part of “Biden’s environmental climate program” which he warns is “a way of funneling subsidies to the carbon industry.”


Kennedy also took on the pharmaceutical industry and vowed to end Big Pharma advertising.

“I’m running against the entire infrastructure, including the intelligence agencies, including big agriculture, including the big pharmaceutical companies, and the media who is either aligned with the DNC or largely dependent on pharmaceutical advertising,” he said.

“And they know that on day one, I am signing an executive order banning pharmaceutical advertising,” he declared to cheers from the audience.

“They will never support me.

“They’re always going to be against me because I’m going to cost them money.”

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Kennedy also pledged to return the United States to the Gold Standard.

He cited the work of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

“My uncle…recognized that fiat currency was the currency of war…

“I’m going to issue a series of treasury notes that are rooted in base currency, including bitcoin, silver, gold, platinum, and other base currencies, at least partially, so that Americans will have an option of buying T-bills and attaining assets that are rooted to base currency so that they’re more of a hedge against inflation and that will inject discipline into the market.”

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