ALERT: School Caught TAPING Masks to the Faces of Children

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(Big League Politics) – Colorado has undergone a dramatic political transformation in recent years, going from a somewhat reliable Republican state during the Bush years to a safe liberal stronghold in the current decade, highlighting the potency of internal migration, especially of college-educated White liberals who have one of the highest voter turnout rates of any demographic group, can have on the electoral landscape of key swing states. More recently, in what seems to be an attempt to emulate the far left insanity of the coasts, some of Colorado’s schoolteachers have resorted to what many would describe as child abuse in order to enforce the newest secular religion of masks and vaccines.

According to Summit News, a 6th-grade student in Colorado Springs was forced by her teacher to use masking tape to secure her face diaper on her face in order to guarantee mask compliance. This story was personally reported by nationalist commentator Michelle Malkin, who herself currently resides in the Centennial State for its natural beauty.

Apparently, the 6th-grader in question, Rylee M., sent a text message to her mother shortly after the episode of “child abuse” transpired to inform her of the ordeal she had just been subjected to. According to Rylee, she was not alone in this act of humiliation as another student was forced to do the same by the teacher.

Apparently, studies have been coming out that point to a potentially devastating effect of growing up during the pandemic has on a child’s IQ as well as most cognitive skills, a claim that Rylee’s mother also readily reiterated.

“It’s developing some sort of mentality in our children where that kind of restraint over your face [is normal],” she said. “Your face is you, that is how people know you, they are just doubling down on hiding you and not letting you breathe, and it just conformity to the extreme.”

This view was also supported by another parent, Tori Skeldum, who was brave enough to publicly voice her concerns.

“[My daughter] said the teachers were wearing the masking tape around their wrists like bracelets and whenever someone’s mask would fall down they would tape them,” Skeldum said. “It’s sad that our world is coming to this and teachers would think it is ok.”

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