ALERT: Whoopi Goldberg Calls for DOJ to Target Tucker Carlson

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(SNews) – Whoopi Goldberg has suffered a meltdown over Tucker Carlson and Fox News and called for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to do something about free speech in America.

Speaking during the controversial ABC show “The View,” co-host Goldberg argued that it “should be against the law” for Carlson to show the American people unedited footage from the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Carlson’s explosive reporting has proved to the public that the “violent insurrection” narrative being peddled by the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media was a lie.

Goldberg and her co-hosts on “The View” have repeatedly promoted these anti-Trump false claims on behalf of the Democratic Party.

“I have a question, I have a question,” Goldberg said.

“How come this is not thought of as being recruiting?

“How come they’re not thinking about this radicalizing.

“Why is this not being scrutinized the way that they scrutinize other things?

“Because to me, this should be against the law.

“You should not be able to lie to the American people knowingly.

“You know it’s one thing if you made a mistake and you didn’t know.

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“But we’ve heard for five or six years now, you know, the media was a lying sack of doo.

“They were fake news.

“They were this. So how come? What is our… what do we do as Americans to say this is not okay?”

Goldberg then continued by pushing the false claim the U.S. Constitution doesn’t allow Americans “to willingly lie” while also deceitfully suggesting that Carlson was “lying” by showing the footage to the public.

“The First Amendment doesn’t allow you to willingly lie,” she claimed.

“To me, that should be illegal.”

“It should be illegal,” fellow co-host Sunny Hostin said.

Goldberg said:

“Knowingly. That’s the whole point.

“You can make a mistake and say something. It happens.

“And people say, ‘Oh, that wasn’t right.’

“But you knew… you knew, you knew, you knew.

“And you know people are still listening to you and you are still lying,” Goldberg said.

“And I hope that the DOJ looks through a whole bunch of stuff and figures out what to do about this.”

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