BREAKING: Twitter Moves To ‘Protect’ Midterm Elections With Mass Censorship Campaign

(Slay News) – Big Tech giant Twitter has announced plans to “protect” the U.S. midterm elections in November by suppressing “misleading information.”

The social media platform rolled out some new terms and policies ahead of the 2022 midterms.

During the looming elections, Republicans are expected to wipe the floor with the Democrats and take back control of the U.S. House and Senate.

The election will be a reflection of how voters feel about the performance of Democrat President Joe Biden and his administration since taking office.

For Democrats and their allies in Big Tech and the media, the pressure is definitely on.

These changes are in addition to those made in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, in which Twitter’s suppression and censorship of information played a key role in misinforming the public.

Twitter is stepping up to bolster its terms and prevent “misinformation,” that catch-all concept for anything that goes against the Democrat-driven narrative.

As such, the company has announced the “steps we’re taking ahead of the US midterms to protect civic conversation on Twitter.”

As they’ve done in international elections, Twitter is now “activating enforcement” of their “Civic Integrity Policy for the 2022 US midterms.”

Twitter states that its Civic Integrity Policy “covers the most common types of harmful misleading information about elections and civic events,” which include: false claims about how and where to vote, voter intimidation, and “misleading claims intended to undermine public confidence in an election,” which includes “false information about the outcome of the election.”

When Twitter mods encounter information they believe comes under the “harmful misleading information” category, they will “not recommend or amplify this content,” and will provide a “prompt prior to liking or sharing labeled tweets, and in cases where there is potential for harm associated with the false or misleading claim, the Tweet may not be liked or shared to prevent the spread of the misleading information.”

In the lead-up to the presidential election in 2020, Twitter suppressed and censored reporting by the New York Post that tied then-candidate Joe Biden to his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings, with insinuations and allegations of influence peddling.

Twitter believed reports coming out of the Biden campaign, and other sources, that claimed the information had been obtained through hacking, a disallowable practice, or was “Russian disinformation.”

This suppression had an impact on the US presidential election, potentially skewing results in Biden’s favor, as polls later indicated.

Twitter will additionally crackdown on “fake accounts that misrepresent affiliation to a candidate or elected official.”

Twitter speaks about its success with “misleading information labels,” claiming that it saw “promising results” in encouraging people “to read debunking content.”

These are labels seen on tweets that Twitter deems to be misinformation.

Things that have previously been labeled “misinformation” by the platform were claims that the Covid-19 virus originated in a Wuhan lab, or that those who are vaccinated against that virus could still spread it.

In addition to suppressing information, Twitter will boost information that it has determined, through non-transparent means, to be accurate.

To that end, it will “prebunk” things, “to get ahead of misleading narratives on Twitter, and to proactively address topics that may be the subject of misinformation.”

Prompts will appear “directly on people’s timelines” as well as in the search function “when people type related terms, phrases, or hashtags.”

There will be “state-specific” information, where a user’s location will be used to determine the information they see about elections where they are, not only from “state election officials,” but from “local news outlets and journalists.”

It’s unclear as to how those news outlets and journalists will be vetted by Twitter, or if proximity is the only factor in determining veracity.

Additional roll-outs include a “dedicated explore tab,” containing news by “reputable news outlets, curated by Twitter’s curation team,” as well as local news by state, and “voter education public service announcements” that will be “created using information from nonpartisan government and voting advocacy organizations.”

They intend to “improve recommendations,” as well, based on testing done on Brazilian elections, “to prevent misleading Tweets from being recommended through notifications,” which they say resulted in “impressions on misleading information drop[ping] by 1.6 million per month.”

Twitter will identify who is running for office, noting on all a candidate’s tweets that they are a candidate for office, and will “protect and secure accounts of government officials, candidates for office, journalists, and more ahead of the midterms.”


(Slay News) – Republican support for President Donald Trump surged to a record high, according to a new poll.

The new wave of support comes after Democrat President Joe Biden’s FBI raided Trump’s private residence, Mar-a-Lago.

The Morning Consult poll shows:

“In the Aug. 10 survey, 58% of Republican voters said they would support Trump if the 2024 Republican presidential primary were today, the highest on record since his 2020 loss. The share of support is up from 54% in July and 53% in June amid the high-profile congressional Jan. 6 hearings.

“Trump’s improvement has come to the detriment of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whose 2024 support has slumped 5 percentage points since late July, to 16%.

“Similarly, a record-high 71% of GOP voters say that Trump should run for president in 2024.”

The Washington Post reported last night, from anonymous sources, that the FBI was looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons.

According to CNN:

“The Post cited people familiar with the investigation as saying that federal agents were looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons, among other items, at Trump’s resort.

“The people did not describe the documents in detail nor whether they related to nuclear arms belonging to the US or another nation.

“CNN has not independently confirmed the report.”

Trump blasted the report about nuclear information, calling it a “hoax.”

Trump said today he wants the warrant unsealed.

He said:

“Not only will I not oppose the release of documents related to the unAmerican, unwarranted, and unnecessary raid and break-in of my home in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago.

“I am going a step further by ENCOURAGING the immediate release of those documents, even though they have been drawn up by radical left Democrats and possible future political opponents, who have a strong and powerful vested interest in attacking me, much as they have done for the last 6 years.”

SHOCK REPORT: Global Elites Now Using AI To CENSOR Entire Internet

(Slay News) – Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) has launched a new effort to censor the Internet using artificial intelligence (AI).

WEF announced plans to moderate online conversations by using AI that identifies “misinformation,” harmful content, “hate speech,” or anything else deemed to be “disinformation.”

The globalist organization’s censorship proposal would require “subject matter experts” to provide training sets to the AI.

The “experts” will teach the software to recognize, flag, and restrict any information that the WEF considers to be “dangerous.”

On Wednesday, the World Economic Forum published an article outlining a plan to overcome frequent instances of “unsafe” information.

The group said its plan seeks to tackle “child abuse, extremism, disinformation, hate speech, and fraud” online.

According to ActiveFence Trusty & Safety Vice President Inbal Goldberger, who authored the article, the organization insists that the operation cannot be handled by human “trust and safety teams.”

The system works through “human-curated, multi-language, off-platform intelligence,” input provided from expert sources, to create “learning sets” for the AI machine,” Goldberger stated.

“Supplementing this smarter automated detection with human expertise to review edge cases and identify false positives and negatives and then feeding those findings back into training sets will allow us to create AI with human intelligence baked in,” she added.

In other words, trust and safety teams can help the AI with anomalous cases, allowing it to detect nuances in content that a purely automated system might otherwise miss or misinterpret, according to Goldberger.

“A human moderator who is an expert in European white supremacy won’t necessarily be able to recognize harmful content in India or misinformation narratives in Kenya,” she explained.

As time goes on and the AI practices with more learning sets, it begins to identify the kinds of content moderating teams would find offensive, reaching “near-perfect detection” at a massive scale,

Goldberger said the system would protect against “increasingly advanced actors misusing platforms in unique ways.”

Trust and safety teams at online media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, bring a “nuanced comprehension of disinformation campaigns” that they apply to content moderation, said Goldberger.

That includes working with government organizations to filter content communicating a narrative about COVID-19, for example.

As Slay News previously reported, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) coordinated with Big Tech companies on what types of content to label as misinformation on their sites.

Social media companies have also targeted conservative content, including posts that negatively portray abortion and transgender activism, or contradict the mainstream understanding of climate change, by either labeling them as “misinformation” or blocking them entirely, according to The Daily Caller.

The WEF document did not specify how members of the AI training team would be decided, how they would be held accountable, or whether countries could exercise control over the AI.

Elite business executives who participate in WEF gatherings have a track record of proposals that expand corporate control over people’s lives.

At the latest WEF annual summit, in March, the head of the Chinese multinational technology company Alibaba Group boasted of a system for monitoring individual carbon footprints derived from eating, travel, and similar behaviors.

“The future is built by us, by a powerful community such as you here in this room,” WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab told an audience of more than 2,500 global business and political elites.

RED ALERT: IRS Now Hiring Agents ‘Willing to Use Deadly Force’

(Slay News) – Democrat President Joe Biden’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has provoked a fierce backlash after it emerged that the federal agency is seeking agents who are “willing to use deadly force.”

On Wednesday, the IRS posted a job description for new special agents.

The ad included a note that a “key requirement” of the job is being “legally allowed to carry a firearm,” Fox Business reported.

Moreover, “major duties” required applicants “be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.”

Agents must also be “willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”

Following a firestorm on social media, the post was taken down for a time.

The posting later reappeared later with the words “deadly force” omitted.

The Internet is forever, however.

Filmmaker Ford Fischer shared a screenshot of the original description as it was posted and the job ad has continued to circulate online.

“The IRS is hiring new special agents!” Fischer tweeted Wednesday.

“Requirements include working min ’50 hours per week, which may include irregular hours, and be on-call 24/7, including holidays and weekends’ and ‘Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.’”

This job description came on the heels of news that the IRS could add as many as 87,000 new agents as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.

The measure passed the Senate last weekend and will likely sail through the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

This combination added to suspicions over abuse of power in government agencies, including the IRS.

The IRS has already amassed $725,000 worth of ammunition this year alone.

The news also follows the raid on President Donald Trump’s home by Joe Biden’s FBI on Monday.

WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard TURNS On Dems – Issues Dire Warning To Every American

(Slay News) – Former Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has sounded the alarm over the FBI raid of President Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, warning that “every American should be extremely concerned.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” Gabbard urged that the American people must sit up and take notice before it’s too late.

“I’m just angry,” Jesse Watters said to Gabbard.

“I’m sad and I’m angry, and I feel like we’re losing the country. How do you feel?”

“We are,” Gabbard, a former 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, responded.

“This is something that every American should be extremely concerned about because this raid is just the latest serious escalation of this disturbing trend that we’ve seen of blatant abuse of power by those in power to not only protect their friends, target their political opponents or frankly anyone who dares to dissent or challenge or disagree or question what this administration is doing.”


FBI Director Chris Wray, a Trump appointee, would not comment on the investigation.

Instead, he denounced “deplorable” threats of violence against law enforcement over the raid of the 45th president’s Florida home.

According to Insider:

FBI Director Chris Wray condemned the violent rhetoric made against law enforcement on Wednesday after his agency’s search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, according to NBC News.

“I’m always concerned about threats to law enforcement,” Wray said following a news conference at the FBI field office in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with.

Wray said in the last few years, “we’ve had an alarming rise in violence against law enforcement.”

He called the threats against the FBI “deplorable and dangerous.”

Wray, who Trump appointed to become the agency director in 2017, declined to provide more details about the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago.

According to Newsweek, Trump may have a mole on his team:

The raid on Mar-a-Lago was based largely on information from an FBI confidential human source, one who was able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents, two senior government officials told Newsweek.

The officials, who have direct knowledge of the FBI’s deliberations and were granted anonymity in order to discuss sensitive matters, said the raid of Donald Trump’s Florida residence was deliberately timed to occur when the former president was away.

FBI decision-makers in Washington and Miami thought that denying the former president a photo opportunity or a platform from which to grandstand (or to attempt to thwart the raid) would lower the profile of the event, says one of the sources, a senior Justice Department official who is a 30-year veteran of the FBI.

WATCH: Beto O’Rourke SNAPS at Heckler During Speech

(Slay News) – Democrat Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke snapped and cursed at a heckler who laughed at his false claims about guns during a campaign event.

A few hundred people were in the Kaufmann Leadership Academy’s gymnasium to hear the Democratic candidate for governor speak.

There were more than a few protesters too.

Two attendees had signs saying, “Boo Beto. Get out of Texas. We don’t want you here” and “Beto the [expletive] from El Paso”

O’Rourke told the crowd that he’s confident of victory over incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott heading into November’s general election.

“Thanks to you and everyone that’s here we are going to win,” O’Rourke said.

“I know we’re going to win because we’re fighting for every woman in Texas to make her own decision when it comes to her health care.

“Because we can get behind every public school educator and make sure we’ve got their backs as they go into this school year and every school year hereafter.”

He then turned to recent school shootings while pushing his anti-gun agenda.

He was trying to promote the Democrats’ false claims that AR-15 rifles are used on battlefields.

However, AR-15s have never been used in any war, nor are they used by any military branch, either in combat or training.

At one point, while pushing for gun control by claiming AR-15s are “designed for use on a battlefield,” Beto got heckled by a man laughing out loud at the statement.

While children were clearly sitting in the front row, Beto snapped and said:

“It may be funny to you, motherf*cker, but it’s not funny to me.”

BREAKING: Whole Foods Founder Warns America of Socialist TAKEOVER

(Slay News) – Whole Foods founder John Mackey has issued a warning to America that “socialists are taking over” every part of American society.

During an interview on the Reason podcast, Mackey warns of the “threat” posed by socialists, who are “marching through the institutions.”

He said he will have more to say on the topic when he steps down as CEO of the international supermarket chain.

Mackey founded Whole Foods in 1980.

He sold it to Amazon for $13.7 billion in 2017 but continued as the company’s top executive.

He is retiring at the end of August.

During the interview with Reason, Mackey issued a dire warning to the public about the rise of socialism in America.

“My concern is that I feel like socialists are taking over,” he said.

“They’re marching through the institutions.

“They’re taking over education. It looks like they’ve taken over a lot of the corporations. It looks like they’ve taken over the military.

“And it’s just continuing.

“You know, I’m a capitalist at heart, and I believe in liberty and capitalism.

“Those are my twin values.

“And I feel like, you know, with the way freedom of speech is today, the movement on gun control, a lot of the liberties that I’ve taken for granted most of my life, I think, are under threat.”

“A lot of people were making as much money, if not more money, not working at all,” he said of the increased unemployment benefits offered during the pandemic.

“And so guess what? They chose not to come back to work. They got used to it.

“They only wanna work if it’s really purposeful, and something they feel aligned to,” he said of today’s youth.

“You can’t hope to start with meaningful work.

“You’re going to have to earn it over time.

“Some of the younger generation doesn’t seem to be willing to pay that price, and I don’t know why,” he said.

“Pretty soon, you’re gonna hear about ‘Crazy John’ who’s no longer muzzled,” he added.

“I’ve got six weeks,” he said of his looming retirement.

“I can talk more about politics in six weeks than I can today.”

BREAKING: Lauren Boebert Drops HAMMER On Biden Corruption… She’s FURIOUS

(Slay News)) – Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has dropped the hammer over the FBI’s raid on President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home by demanding to know when Hunter Biden will “be raided.”

Boebert is calling for “a Select Committee to investigate” the raid, presumably when the GOP takes back Congress after the midterms.

In a post on Twitter, the Colorado congresswoman asked the question many Americans want to be answered: “When will Hunter Biden be raided?”

Eric Trump said the raid may have backfired, however.

In a post on Truth Social, Eric Trump said: “ is shattering all fundraising records and I’m told has raised more money in the past 24 hours than ever before in recent history!

“The American people are pissed!”

Meanwhile, GOP leaders are furious with the move and consider it an overreach.

As Slay News reported, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) warned that Biden and his allies “will absolutely be held accountable” for raiding Trump’s home.

“Joe Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice have been fully weaponized against their political opponents,” Stefanik, the third House Republican, said.

“It is an absolute outrageous abuse of power and unAmerican for these agencies to raid the home of President Trump and seize the cell phone of a sitting Member of Congress.

“Attorney General Garland, Director Wray, House Democrats, and most of all Joe Biden will absolutely be held accountable.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) echoed Stefanik’s sentiment, saying:

“Let’s be clear: This is a brazen weaponization of the FBI by Biden’s DOJ against his political opponent—while giving their political allies free passes.

“It’s exactly why the IRS shouldn’t get an army of 87,000 more agents.

“House Republicans will hold them accountable next year.”

Meanwhile, liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said:

“There are three kinds of people out there.

“There are the anti-Trump haters, for whom anything that happens to Trump – professor Laurence Tribe – it doesn’t matter, he’ll trash the Constitution to get Trump.

“Then there are the Trump lovers.

“Doesn’t matter how much evidence they might have, it’s not possible that Trump did anything wrong.

“Then, there is the vast majority of neutral Americans who want to see justice done, who want to see fair justice.

“They don’t want a different rule for Hillary Clinton and Sandy Berger on the one hand, and President Trump on the other hand.

“They want to see equal justice under the law,” he said.

Dershowitz said earlier:

“The decision by the Justice Department to conduct a full-scale morning raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home does not seem justified, based on what we know as of now.

“If it is true that the basis of the raid was the former president’s alleged removal of classified material from the White House, that would constitute a double standard of justice.

“There were no raids, for example, on the homes of Hillary Clinton or former Clinton administration national security adviser Sandy Berger for comparable allegations of mishandling official records in the recent past.

“Previous violations of the Presidential Records Act typically have been punished by administrative fines, not criminal prosecution.

“The more appropriate action would have been for a grand jury to issue a subpoena for any boxes of material that were seized and for Trump’s private safe that was opened.

“Instead, the FBI apparently seized everything in view and will sort the documents and other material without a court deciding which ones are appropriately subject to Justice Department seizure,” he said.

BREAKING: Trump Wins MAJOR Victories Day After FBI Raid

(Slay News) – Republican primary candidates endorsed by President Donald Trump have soared to victory across the country on the day after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago.

On Tuesday, Trump-backed candidates enjoyed an incredible night of big wins in statewide a federal races.

The 45th president’s endorsement record now stands at 192-11.

The major sweep came just one day after Democrat President Joe Biden’s FBI raided Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida home on Monday.

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Report announced that businessman Tim Michels, who served as a U.S. Army ranger for 12 years, beat out his opponent, Rebecca Kleefisch, for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Wisconsin.

Trump endorsed Michels back in June, As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes.

“Wisconsin needs a Governor who will Stop Inflation, Uphold the Rule of Law, strengthen our Borders (we had the strongest borders in history just two years ago, now we have the weakest!) and End the well-documented Fraud in our Elections,” Trump wrote.

“Tim Michels is the best candidate to deliver meaningful solutions to these problems, and he will produce jobs like no one else can even imagine,” he added.

Five other Trump-backed candidates in the Cheese State advanced to the general election Tuesday at the federal level.

According to the Associated Press election results compiled by the New York Times, at least one candidate in the state legislature earned her nomination.

The winners in Wisconsin were:

Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI) – GOP nominee for the First Congressional District
Derrick Van Orden – GOP nominee for the Third Congressional District
Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI) – GOP nominee for the Fifth Congressional District
Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) – GOP nominee for the Seventh Congressional District
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) – GOP nominee for U.S. Senate
State Assemblywoman Janel Brandtjen (R-22) – GOP nominee for District 22
In Connecticut, Leora Levy won the Republican U.S. Senate primary over Themis Klarides and Peter Lumaj.

Levy, the national GOP committeewoman for Connecticut, received Trump’s endorsement on Thursday.

Trump slammed Lavy’s general election opponent, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT).

“Leora Levy is running to represent the Great State of Connecticut in the United States Senate,” Trump said.

“The current Senator is a mocked and laughed at fool, who said for many years that he was a brave war hero in Vietnam, when the facts later revealed that he had never even been to Vietnam.”

Trump praised Levy, who is a Cuban-born American:

In the Senate, she will work hard to Grow the Economy, Secure the Border, Fight for Energy Independence, Support our Military and our Vets, champion Election Integrity, Protect the Second Amendment, and Fight Violent and Vicious Crime, which is at the highest level in Connecticut history.

Her victory puts his endorsement record among U.S. Senate candidates a perfect 17-0.

Additionally, all three Trump-backed candidates clinched nominations in Minnesota Tuesday:

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) – GOP nominee for the Sixth Congressional District
Rep. Michelle Fischbach (R-MN) – GOP nominee for the Seventh Congressional District
Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN): GOP nominee for the Eighth Congressional District
The sweeping victories make Trump’s endorsement record immaculate in 31 states.

Texas: 33-0
Indiana: 6-0
Ohio: 16-0
West Virginia: 2-0
Kentucky: 6-0
Pennsylvania: 8-0
Alabama: 6-0
Arkansas: 5-0
California: 7-0 [8-0 with Rep. Connie Conway’s (R-CA) special election victory]
Iowa: 4-0
Mississippi: 1-0
Montana: 2-0
New Jersey: 1-0
South Dakota: 1-0
Nevada: 2-0
North Dakota: 2-0
Virginia: 4-0
Alaska: 1-0
Colorado: 1-0
Illinois: 4-0
Oklahoma: 4-0
Utah: 3-0
Maryland: 1-0
Kansas: 5-0
Missouri: 4-0
Michigan: 7-0
Arizona ( 9-0)
Tennessee (8-0)
Connecticut (1-0)
Minnesota (3-0)
Wisconsin (6-0)

Meanwhile, Trump also picked up an extra win on Monday.

The additional victory came after Wasserman declared that Trump-endorsed Joe Kent advanced to the general election for Washington’s Third Congressional District over Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Beutler voted for Trump’s impeachment.

Midterm primaries continue on August 13 in Hawaii.

JUST IN: DOJ Official Breaks Silence on Trump Raid: “BACKFIRE”

(Slay News) – Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly broken its silence after raiding President Donald Trump’s Florida home on Monday.

Left-wing outlet Newsweek is reporting what went on behind the scenes during the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and has claimed that it is keystone cop-level incompetence.

If the information is to be believed, Newsweek claims the raid was just a dispute about classified material the FBI thinks Trump should not have.

According to Newsweek sources, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago when Trump was gone because they wanted to avoid media attention.

The outrage over the raid reportedly caused a Justice Department official to remark: “What a spectacular backfire.”

Newsweek spoke to two government officials on the condition of anonymity, a senior intelligence official and a DOJ official.

“I know that there is much speculation out there that this is political persecution, but it is really the best and the worst of the bureaucracy in action,” the official said.

“They wanted to punctuate the fact that this was a routine law enforcement action, stripped of any political overtones, and yet they got exactly the opposite.”

“They were seeking to avoid any media circus,” said a second source, a senior intelligence official who was briefed on the operation.

“So even though everything made sense bureaucratically and the FBI feared that the documents might be destroyed, they also created the very firestorm they sought to avoid, in ignoring the fallout.”

“In order for the investigators to convince the Florida judge to approve such an unprecedented raid, the information had to be solid, which the FBI claimed.”

The DOJ official reportedly confirmed that Attorney General Merrick Garland was aware of the investigation and planned raid of Trump’s Palm Beach residence.

However, the source claims the AG did not know the time or date of the raid.

“I know it’s hard for people to believe but this was a matter for the U.S. Attorney and the FBI,” said the official.

“It really is a case of the Bureau misreading the impact.”

Newsweek also says a Grand Jury was presented evidence that Trump had documents he shouldn’t and concluded there was a violation of the law.

According to Newsweek:

In late April, the source says, a federal grand jury began deliberating whether there was a violation of the Presidential Records Act or whether President Trump unlawfully possessed national security information.

Through the grand jury process, the National Archives provided federal prosecutors with copies of the documents received from former President Trump in January 2022.

The grand jury concluded that there had been a violation of the law, according to the Justice Department source.

In the past week, the prosecutor in the case and local Assistant U.S. Attorney went to Florida magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart in West Palm Beach to seek approval for the search of Donald Trump’s private residence.

The affidavit to obtain the search warrant, the intelligence source says, contained abundant and persuasive detail that Trump continued to possess the relevant records in violation of federal law, and that investigators had sufficient information to prove that those records were located at Mar-a-Lago—including the detail that they were contained in a specific safe in a specific room.