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(Big League Politics) – New polling conducting by the far-left Washington Post shows the Republican Party solidly dominating the extremist Democratic Party in several of the most contentious political swing states in the country, amassing a monumental 58% to 35% lead lead.

The 58/35 GOP/Democrat data was queued from polling data in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylania, and Wisconsin. The aforementioned states were some of the most competitive in the 2020 presidential election, with Biden and Trump narrowly triumphing in each occasion.

The poll surveyed 882 national registered voters last week. Voters in the states and across the country cited Biden’s refusal to contain the coronavirus pandemic, massive inflation, porous borders and an illegal alien invasion as failures of Biden’s government.

Members of the Democratic Party have increasingly sounded the alarm as the American people tire of the perpetuation of the extremist party’s electoral package of woke garbage, most recently delivering handy defeats for Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York– three reliably blue states.

If such a margin were to hold in the contentious states, the midterms could amount to a de facto declaration of independence from the extremist Democratic Party in the states, resulting in what could be considered its abolition.

Even polling that surveyed nationwide voters showed Republicans with a decisive lead, 51% to 41% over the Democrats. This margin would be greater than even the historic Republican victories seen in 1996 or 2010, in the latter of which Republicans gained 63 seats in the House of Representatives. Such an electoral margin could even deliver a veto-proof Republican majority in Congress, rendering President Biden little more than a ceremonial figure as Congressional leaders assume power and reign directly.

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