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(Big League Politics) – A political action committee founded by populist commentator and journalist Ryan Girdusky to support school board candidates who oppose critical race theory indoctrination saw wide-ranging successes on election night. Out of 58 candidates backed by the 1776 Project, 75% won school board elections on Tuesday.

Thirteen 1776-backed school board candidates won elections in Pennsylvania. The group also saw election wins in Colorado, Kansas, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio and Minnesota. Mr. Girdusky describes his PAC’s mission as fighting for parental oversight of education, transparency over curriculum, and termination of racially divisive curriculum in schools.

“Supporters of critical race theory hold political power as being more important than facts. Oftentimes they will not engage with anyone who does not support critical race theory, because they believe that is ‘platforming’ them, which gives their opponents’ arguments credibility,” argues the 1776 Project’s mission statement.

“Their positions are incredibly hostile to white people, Western civilization, classical liberalism, the enlightenment, the founding of America, and capitalism. Supporters of critical race theory believe it is the responsibility of everyone to evaluate their own internalized racism. Non-white members of society who disagree with them are accused of internalizing white supremacy and accepting the status quo.”

Opposition to CRT has emerged as a potent wedge issue for conservatives, with suburban white voters the party struggled with in the past two federal elections turning out in droves for GOP candidates who oppose anti-white curriculum taught in public schools. It’s likely the 1776 Project will fuel even more victories against far-left identitarian school board officials in the coming midterm election, with Democrats even admitting the party’s support of the toxic ideology is fueling a wokelash in the ‘polite’ homeowner suburbs they assumed they had locked down by nominating a ‘nice guy.’

The 1776 Project offers a feature on its website for parents to report schools circulating CRT indoctrination.

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