BOMBSHELL: Senator Exposes Major FBI-Biden Coverup

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(SNews) – Republican Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has revealed that the FBI was aware of the Hunter Biden laptop story way before it first emerged and had “preplanned” a sabotage effort for when it surfaced.

Speaking during a Monday interview with Newsmax, Sen. Johnson said the FBI illegally colluded with the Democrats in the run-up to the 2020 election to help Joe Biden’s campaign.

Johnson said agents had a sabotage plan in place so they could quickly bury reports on Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” should they emerge before election day.

“I think people should find that shocking,” Johnson said.

“It doesn’t shock me, but the FBI had the computer, we think, as early as December 2019.”

Whistleblowers have said the FBI had a scheme in August 2020 to downplay any derogatory information on Hunter Biden as the presidential election approached, Johnson said

“That same month they provided both Sen. (Chuck) Grassley and I an unsolicited and completely unnecessary briefing,” Johnson said.

The Wisconsin senator believes others were getting similar briefings that included statements such as, “You might have some foreign actors, hacking computers and then spreading that around as disinformation, you know?

“Information on certain people like oh, I don’t know, maybe Hunter Biden.”

The agency, he said, was “doing everything they could to play us, to dissuade us from ever looking at the laptop.”

It worked, to an extent, Johnson said, because Republicans didn’t “gobble it up right away,” instead going to the FBI for extensive conversations.

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“They never told us a word,” he said.

“They never told us that they actually had (the laptop).

“So again, the FBI is [involved in the] corruption and complicity in this whole cover-up of Hunter Biden.”

The letter from 51 intelligence officers, who said the laptop story had “all the earmarks of a Russian information operation — that letter was an information operation,” Johnson said.

“That letter interfered in our elections.

“The FBI interfered in our elections.”

Johnson called the members of the agency and the mainstream news media “partisans” who didn’t want to see President Donald Trump elected in the first place.

“They certainly didn’t want to see him reelected,” Johnson noted.

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