Boom! Matt Gaetz Absolutely Crushes CNN

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(SNews) – CNN likes to trash Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) whenever they can but the congressman just got the ultimate revenge on the struggling network.

Gaetz was guest-hosting on Newsmax Friday and pulled in an impressive audience.

He had so many viewers that he beat CNN in the ratings.

Gaetz guest-hosted the 10 pm hour on Newsmax while Greg Kelly was out and easily beat CNN.

He was the only Newsmax host to beat one of the three main networks.

Gaetz said on Friday:

“You’re on the right channel.

“If you’re confused, your eyes are not failing you, and Greg Kelly did not suddenly get better hair.

“I’m Matt Gaetz. Thanks for joining us on Greg Kelly Reports.

“Greg has the night off and I have the biggest stories driving Washington, D.C. right now.”

The ratings for the 10 pm hour on Friday:

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1st: Fox News 1.22million
2nd: MSNBC 922,000
3rd: Newsmax 282,000
4th: CNN: 249,000

Elsewhere, Gaetz also called out the FBI and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA):

“The FBI is refusing to turn over documents to Rep. James Comer on the financial corruption of the Biden Crime Family.

“I’ve long said that Congress needs to use the power of the subpoena and the power of the purse.

“I now believe we have to use the power of contempt.

“If a majority of Republicans are against a piece of legislation, and you use Democrats to pass it, that would immediately be a black letter violation of the deal we had with McCarthy, and it would likely trigger an immediate motion to vacate.”


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