BOOM! Ron DeSantis Issues FINAL Warning To Legacy Media

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(SNews) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joined with Nick Sandmann to fight against media defamation and the use of anonymous sources to destroy someone’s character. DeSantis said “legacy” media outlets have “increasingly divorced themselves from the truth” and instead “elevate preferred narratives and partisan activism over reporting the facts.”

He said: “When they depart from the truth, a lot of times the truth’s on the cutting room floor, and the narratives that they’re supporting and furthering actually damage a lot of people with lies.

“We wanna be standing up for the little guy against some of these massive media conglomerates A guy like me, I have a platform, I’m fine, but there’s a lot of other people, I think, who get maligned unfairly, and then really don’t have the adequate recourse.

“There needs to be an ability for people to defend themselves not through government regulation or restriction, but through being able to seek private right of action.

“These companies are probably the leading purveyors of disinformation in our entire society.”

Sandmann said:

“The biggest problem with what the media did to me was, when we talked about defamation, we talked about ruining a reputation.

“In my case, I didn’t have a reputation to ruin, I hadn’t started any kind of professional career, I didn’t have a job yet, I hadn’t begun my life. And already they had predetermined what I was supposed to be.”

DeSantis also defended Trump from the Russian Collusion “hoax.”

He said:

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“They indulged in that for two years and it was almost all based on anonymous sources, I mean it all eventually was debunked, and even in real time people, people were saying this, but they just kept cycling in this.

“I think it just raises the question, you know, this obsession with these anonymous sources, where did that come from?

“It used to be rare that you would do it I mean, to assassinate someone’s character with anonymous sources would have been a total ‘no – no.’

“Now, it’s just kind of like a normal, and actually the preferred method of being able to deliver content,” he said.

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