BOOM! Ron DeSantis Just WON… This Is Amazing

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(Slay News) – Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has just scored a clean sweep of major victories after the state Senate passed two of his key policy changes.

The Florida Senate passed a bill by a 23-16 vote that will approve a new congressional map to create four new GOP districts.

The move is a huge win for Republicans because it will wipe out gains the Democrats have made in the redistricting process across the nation.

The bill will also end Disney’s special self-governing and tax privilege exemption status.

Tim Swain, a candidate for South Carolina House of Representatives, said:

“Florida Senate, on a 23-16 vote, just passed legislation ENDING Disney’s tax privilege, self-governing power & special exemption status.

“Republicans need to learn from DeSantis.

“Never stop going on OFFENSE!

“Disney messed with the wrong Governor and they are paying the price.

“Bill now goes to the House.”

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Greg Price from X Strategies said: “The Florida Senate just passed DeSantis’ congressional map that creates four new GOP-leaning districts, wipes out Dem gains in redistricting across the nation, and removes Disney’s self-governing power and special exempt status.

“It goes to the Florida House tomorrow.”

From NBC:

The legislation would dismantle Disney’s special district on June 1 of next year.

The special status, which was granted by a state law in 1967, allows Disney to self-govern by collecting taxes and providing emergency services.

Disney controls about 25,000 acres in the Orlando area, and the district allows the company to build new structures and pay impact fees for such construction without the approval of a local planning commission.

The effort to eliminate Disney’s district, known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District, comes after DeSantis began targeting the corporation over its leaders’ criticism of legislation he recently signed.

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