BREAKING: Antifa Just SHOT a Conservative Protester in the Street

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(Big League Politics) – A member of the Proud Boys was shot in the leg at an Olympia, Washington rally against vaccine and mask mandates. Social media accounts associated with street terror organization ANTIFA have already claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Video filmed by a citizen journalist at the scene features a man describing being shot in the leg. Reports indicate the cameraman may have been injured by shrapnel at the scene. Sources indicate that Washington Proud Boys member Tusitala “Tiny” Toese was shot in the altercation, with an individual resembling the Toese receiving medical treatment following the shooting.

Footage of the aftermath of the shooting reveals a hectic scene with a police and EMT presence.

Washington ANTIFA wasted no time in celebrating the shooting on social media, with militants of the terror organization appearing to assume an ANTIFA member was responsible for the act.

No arrests or criminal charges have been filed since the shooting, which occurred on Saturday afternoon.

The story is rapidly developing, and Big League Politics is monitoring for further updates.

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