BREAKING: Biden Announces New Mandatory Vaccine Rules for Americans

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(Big League Politics) – President Joe Biden is set to announce sweeping new mandatory vaccine rules, attempting to require that 100 million Americans who work for medium to large employers receive the vaccine.

Private companies with more than 100 employees will be required to mandate their employees receive the vaccine or submit to weekly coronavirus testing. Additionally, 17 million healthcare workers who work at organizations that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid will be subject to vaccine mandates. Subject companies that decline to enforce Biden’s vaccine mandate may be liable to OHSA fines of up to $14,000.

Executive branch employees and contractors who do business with the federal government will also be subject to the vaccine mandate. All of Biden’s new vaccine requirements will be imposed through the use of executive order, and it’s expected that Biden will speak on the mandates Thursday afternoon before signing the documents.

It’s all but assured the attempt at wide-ranging vaccine mandates will be challenged in the court system.

The new mandate may represent an admission on the part of the Biden administration of failure to control the coronavirus, a campaign promise Biden pledged to deliver on. In spite of sweeping mask and increasing vaccine mandates, the coronavirus has continued to spread and inflict casualties, raising questions about the efficacy of supposedly unimpeachable “public health” measures promised to shut down the virus.

Spread of the virus has exploded even as the share of Americans who are vaccinated becomes a majority, raising questions about the efficacy of the vaccines and the lethality of the delta variant.

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