BREAKING: Big Kari Lake Announcement Has Supporters CHEERING

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(SNews) – Republican rockstar Kari Lake is taking her election case to the Arizona Supreme Court, the gubernatorial candidate has announced.

On Thursday, the appeals court dismissed Lake’s challenges to her disputed November election.

In response, Lake announced she will take her allegations of misconduct to the state’s highest court.

Lake has challenged Democrat Katie Hobbs’ narrow win during the November midterms.

Hobbs, who as Secretary of State, was Arizona’s top election official during the race but refused to recuse herself.

Lake has maintained there were several election irregularities centered in Maricopa County that conveniently helped Democrats while disenfranchising Republican voters.

In many Republican-voting areas, printer problems led to many ballots being rejected, while long lines at polling places caused voters to turn away rather than cast ballots.

As a result, she is suing to have a new election held.

Despite losing the first round in court, Lake is not giving up the fight.

She appealed to the Arizona Court of Appeals, which issued its ruling against Lake on Thursday.

While it may appear as a setback, the decision was expected and, in Arizona state law, taking the case to the appeals court is a necessary step before moving on to the Supreme Court.

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Hours after the ruling, Lake said she was not giving up.

“I told you we would take this case all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court, and that’s exactly what we are going to do,” Lake posted on Twitter.

“Buckle up, America!”

Lake said she believes in her cause and will not abandon it.

“I assure you we share your frustration. We put two years of hard work and passion into a WINNING political campaign that was stolen from us on Election Day in Maricopa County. They can call us crazy. But they will never call us quitters,” she posted on her Kari Lake War Room Twitter account.

“When you have the truth on your side, you do not abandon ship every time you hit a road block. You keep moving forward. You stand up for what’s right. Does the Truth still Matter? We’ll see,” she wrote.

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