Breaking: Big Tech Partners with Woke Marxists for AI Training

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(SNews) – Big Tech companies are partnering with radical leftists, “woke” ideology advocates, Marxists, and Critical Race Theory (CRT) teachers for the training of artificial intelligence (AI) programs.

Partnership on AI (PAI), a nonprofit connected to numerous Big Tech companies, hosted workshops featuring speakers discussing plans for far-left teachings to be inserted into AI ethics.

The radical agenda of the partnership was revealed in videos uncovered by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF).

Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft founded PAI in 2016.

The nonprofit states that its vision for the future includes AI playing a role in a more “equitable” world, according to its website.

The organization stresses that “equity and inclusion” are its key values.

PAI hosted multiple workshops featuring the promotion of CRT, which asserts that America is fundamentally racist.

The events also featured speakers discussing how to implement communist philosopher Karl Marx’s teachings in AI.

For instance, one PAI workshop titled “Contesting and Rethinking Demographic Data Infrastructures for Algorithmic Fairness” discussed how to incorporate elements of CRT.

The workshop drew on a paper titled “Towards a Critical Race Methodology for Algorithmic Fairness.”

The paper aimed to “turn to critical race theory and sociological work on race and ethnicity to ground conceptualizations of race for fairness research.”

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“Of course, race is central to algorithmic fairness, given that race is a major axis around which the algorithmic allocation of resources and representation is bound,” Google AI scientist Remi Denton — a biological female transgender formerly called Emily Denton — said during the workshop.

PAI works to influence tech companies to implement “equity” and “inclusion” into AI use through the development of “tools, recommendations, and other resources,” according to its website.

Further, media and communications professor at the London School of Economics Nick Couldry suggested implementing Marxism during a PAI workshop on “data colonialism” in 2021.

Instead of the “labor relations” Marx wrote about, Couldry suggests modernizing his teachings by creatively interpreting them for “data relations.”

“We … have to draw creatively on some of the best thinking around capitalism — in other words, the work of Karl Marx,” Couldry stated.

A spokesman for AAF described the prospects of powerful companies implementing a biased agenda into AI as “truly terrifying.”

“The danger of an ESG-like alliance of the world’s biggest corporations working to use their monopoly over AI development to inject it with wokeness cannot be overstated,” he said in a statement responding to the findings.

“As we slip into a world dominated by AI, we may wake up one day soon to a universe where Critical Race Theory and Marxism are embedded into the very algorithms our society runs on.”

PAI lists many other tech companies as partners on its website, including Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the creator of the popular chatbot ChatGPT.

ChatGPT takes left-leaning positions on a variety of issues.

As Slay News recently reported, ChatGPT was caught fabricating false allegations of sexual assault against conservative legal scholar Jonathan Turley.

ChatGPT also wrote that “scientific evidence” does not support “the idea that trans women are fundamentally different from cisgender (non-trans) women.”

The “woke” chatbot will craft a joke about Jesus but refuses to do the same about Muhammad.

PAI’s former chief of staff Steven Adler now works in safety and governance at OpenAI, according to his LinkedIn profile.

PAI and its partners such as OpenAI “work to form shared answers and recommendations for actionable steps that need to be taken to ensure AI supports an inclusive economic future,” according to PAI’s website.

In addition to partnering, many of the big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft fund PAI, according to its website.

The partnership is also funded by left-leaning private foundations such as the Ford Foundation, as well as by Luminate, an organization backed by Pierre Omidyar, a major donor to Democrats and left-wing causes.

AAF’s investigation also uncovered a paper Microsoft published on “responsible AI,” which pins alleged algorithmic bias on the white men who coded the algorithms.

It asserts that increasing diversity can mitigate such bias and that it is important to hire employees accordingly.

“[Bias] can occur simply from the fact that the researchers are typically male, often Caucasian, and have typically high socioeconomic backgrounds,” it asserts.

Billionaire Twitter owner Elon Musk announced the formation of an AI company on Wednesday and previously advocated against “woke” AI.

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