BREAKING: Bill Barr Drops The HAMMER – Just As He Promised

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‘You’re a real class act,’ Barr laughs

(Infowars) – House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) refused to grant Attorney General Bill Barr’s request for a 5-minute break after hours of questioning during the train wreck hearing on Tuesday.

After several hours of intense questioning, Barr asked Nadler, “Mr. Chairman, could we take a five-minute break? Could we take a five-minute break, Mr. Chairman?”

Nadler replied: “No!”

Rep. Mike Johnson reminded Nadler that allowing a short break is a “common courtesy of every witness.”

Barr also reminded Nadler that he had waited for the hearing to start for an hour.

“I’ve waited 45 minutes, I’ve waited an hour for you this morning,” Barr told Nadler. “I haven’t had lunch. I would like to take a five-minute break.”

Nadler still refused.

“Mr. Attorney General, we are almost finished. We are going to be finished in a few minutes. We can certainly take a break but -”

Barr then laughed at Nadler’s naked pettiness.

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“You’re a class act. You’re a real class act,” Barr said.

Nadler insisted he could take a break after taking a few more questions from Democrats.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) cut in, telling Nadler, “He wants a break now. You just showed rudeness, which is now on display. Let’s let the Attorney General have a break.”

Nadler finally relented when it was clear he was losing ground, prompting Barr to respond loudly, “Thank you, Mr. Chairman.”

Nadler was hostile and petty during nearly the entire hearing.

In the beginning, he admonished Republicans for not wearing masks, and even charged that they weren’t allowed to drink water or coffee during the hearing.

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