Breaking: Bill Barr FLIPS On Anti-Trump DA

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(SNews) – Former Attorney General Bill Barr changed his tune and slammed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s indictment of President Donald Trump as “too sweeping” and “too broad.”

Barr continued by calling the New York charges against Trump a “political hit job.”

“I’m not happy with the Georgia case,” said Barr, a vocal never-Trumper.

“I think it’s much too sweeping, much too broad, excessive case that is going to make it look like people are piling on and being excessive to Trump and feed the narrative that he’s being victimized here.

“I also think there’s merit in the point that this is a case that I don’t think is going to be triable before the election.

“It’s just too sprawling.”

Barr said of the federal charges against Trump:

“They are, I think, the responsible cases.

“They’re far more focused.

“And I think they can be and will be tried before.”

Barr also slammed the charges by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

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“The New York case is obviously a political hit job, and, in my opinion, it’s a joke.”

Barr added: “I think that the department tends to go far more aggressively after Republican or allegations of Republican wrongdoing, than Democrat.

“And I’ve seen it myself.

“I’ve lived through it.

“I’ve seen it,” he said.

“Now, it’s not as pervasive as is represented.

“And it’s not automatic.

“And I think there’s still many, many great prosecutors in the department who can check their politics and be fair to whoever it is, regardless of their politics.

“But I do think that there’s some political actors in the department.”

Barr also said he may even vote for Trump after previously calling for Republicans to choose a different candidate.

“My view is that if you feel that one of two people is going to be president, in other words, there’s no third option, one of two people are going to be president.

“Then, at that point, you have to do your soul searching as to which one you think would do least harm to the country.

“And that’s the analysis that I would do.”

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