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(The Post Millennial) – Chanel Rion of OAN reported on Twitter that she has seen additional materials contained on the alleged Hunter Biden hard drive.

Rion write that what she saw there included “drugs, underage obsessions, power deals…” And intoned Hunter Biden’s trouble with substance abuse.

The Biden campaign has not denied the veracity of the laptop, or the information therein contained.

The hard drive and its contents were exposed by the New York Post, which released a series of bombshell articles alleging that Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings in Ukraine and China had drawn in his father, then Vice President Joe Biden, into corruption.

After those stories were released, they were censored by Twitter and Facebook. When users tried to share the stories, they were prohibited by the platforms themselves from sharing. Warning labels popped up on the shares, and shortly thereafter, the New York Post’s Twitter account was suspended.

Once the stories were suppressed, Biden supporters appeared to use that censorship by big tech companies to justify their refusal to address the allegations.

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