Breaking: Clinton Corruption Bombshell Rocks America

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(CBrief) – Just weeks after special counsel John Durham, charged during the Trump administration with investigating the origins of “Russian collusion” allegations, dropped his report after a lengthy four-year investigation, shocking new details regarding the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign have emerged.

According to senior RealClearInvestigations reporter Paul Sperry, a key Clinton legal contractor with ties to the so-called “Steele Dossier,” refused to hand over hundreds of documents sought by Durham during his probe. And what’s more, Sperry says that Durham didn’t even try to force the issue.

“BREAKING: Hillary Clinton campaign contractor Fusion GPS held back more than 1,500 DOCUMENTS sought by Special Counsel Durham, claiming attorney-client privilege, and Durham didn’t sue for the evidence,” Sperry wrote on Twitter on Friday.

He added: “[Federal Election Commission] ruled against Clinton campaign for hiding behind a related legal claim.”

In another tweet, Sperry added: “DEVELOPING: Garland and Wray persuaded Durham to bury in a Classified Appendix of his report even more egregious examples of FBI misconduct in the last 2 FISA applications to renew wiretaps to spy on Trump aide Page. Trump could declassify the doc if he recaptures the White House.”

Finally, Sperry offered an explanation as to why Durham and his team may not have been as aggressive as they could have been in pursuing their investigation into why the FBI launched a counterintelligence probe into Trump’s 2016 campaign for no legitimate reason.

“FEC records show virtually all of Durham’s prosecutors were Romney/McCain Republicans, which means they likely had little sympathy for Trump. Explains the lack of aggression going after FBI/DOJ officials who targeted Trump and the focus on Democratic activists instead,” Sperry tweeted.

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