BREAKING: CNN Issues BIG WARNING To Joe Biden (Video)

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(Slay News) – CNN’s senior reporter Harry Enten issued a warning to President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi after looking at Biden’s approval numbers. Enten and host Jake Tapper seemed stunned at Biden’s “very, very, very, very, very bad” numbers.

Any hope the Dems have that Biden can turn it around evaporated yesterday when Biden admitted he learned of the catastrophic baby formula crisis in April although his spokeswoman claimed it was ‘late April.’ The guy does not seem to be in control and his staff is mocking him to the media about his tightly scripted appearances, “we’re going to have him conduct the presidency from the set of Jeopardy,” one said.

Jake Tapper said, “Harry Enten joins us now from the magic wall with more on these rising costs. Harry, just how bad are gas prices from a historical and political point of view?” (See video below)

Enten said, “I think that this table tells a story. This is the yearly change and the average gasoline prices at this point in the midterm cycle.

“Right now, we’re at the top. Up 53% from last year. That is the highest in any midterm cycle since 1994. And as a student of political history, I can’t help but notice the next highest ones, 2006, 2010, saw major gains for the opposition party in 2006 being the Democrats, 2010 being the Republicans.

“When I see gas prices like you saw in the last slide, I can’t help but think I want to do a lot more walking.

“You might be asking yourself, how is this impacting President Joe Biden look at his job performance on gas prices.

“I don’t have to be a mathematical expert to know 31% is a very, very bad number.

“The vast majority, more than two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s job on gas prices.”

Tapper said, “Another huge issue is inflation in general, as we head into the midterms. How is that impacting President Biden?”

Enten said, “You know, I hate to say it, if I were the president, but look at this. basically the exact same approval rating.

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“Joe Biden’s approval rating on inflation just 28%.

“Disapproval rating, two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s job performance on inflation.

“You know that is a very, very, very, very, very bad number when what is the most urgent issue facing Americans? Look at that, inflation. 33%, the clear runaway there.”

CNN has a new report out about how scripted Joe Biden has to be so they don’t have to do massive cleanup operations every time he opens his mouth.

One mocked how they had to build a special set in the building next to the White House because the Oval Office does not have teleprompters and Biden can’t talk without reading from one.

From CNN:

Yet Biden keeps showing up behind the same podiums surrounded by the same big screens, talking from a remove about what he feels and what he wants to do about it.

He’s coming across disconnected, aides have acknowledged to allies in Congress and beyond. And then, they say, the same events keep getting planned.

“World’s most interactive man,” sighed one person familiar with White House operations after one of the recent events, “and we’re going to have him conduct the presidency from the set of Jeopardy.”

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