BREAKING: Deadly Antifa Plot Uncovered – Please Pray

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(The Post Millennial) – An anti-mandates group withdrew its involvement Friday in a conservative “March for Freedom” rally in Seattle following threats of violence from Antifa.

In a Facebook post written on the Wake Up WA State page, Kasey, one of the organizers, announced the group’s withdrawal from participating in the event scheduled to take place on March 26, saying that a number of families and children were planning on attending the peaceful pro-freedom march next week.

“We have confirmation that there are groups planning an attempt to cause harm/issues at the Seattle event,” the Facebook post began. “Normally I would say let them try, but there were families and children attending, performing and speaking at this event, as this was a peaceful march for freedom. I will not take part of something that could possibly cause harm to children,” it continued.

“We didn’t have this issue at the January Seattle march (700+ people) because I took specific measures to advertise properly and kept it as professional as possible. Unfortunately, when there are multiple people who take it upon themselves to ‘poke the hornets nest’ so-to-speak, we’re left with what could be a disastrous event. I care about the safety of my fellow Washingtonians more than I do an event,” Kasey concluded Friday’s message to the group’s members, adding: “I care about the safety of my fellow Washingtonians more than I do an event.”

The group clarified that while Wake Up WA State’s participation was cancelled, the rally set to take place that day will still be going forward as planned.

“Wake Up WA State, performers, speakers and vendors will not be there. Please be safe if you decide to go,” the post warned in a disclaimer at the top of the message.

Flyers were posted around the city of Seattle, near the former Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), stating that “Nazis” are planning to gather for the event. “Send them home,” the flyer warned. “Antifascists always fight back.”

The call-to-action featured a rifle and the antifascist Iron Front symbol.

Antifa groups mistakenly said the event was put on by conservative organization Turning Point USA, which the far-left activists called “a fascist RW armed group.”

“On the 26th (12-3 westlake park) there is a large antivax-antimandate protest lead by Turning Point USA a fascist RW armed group,” one of the social media posts read. “The have a history of violence. They must not be welcome in Seattle. We must stand up and fight back. Talk to your AG’s. Plan accordingly.”

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Leading up to Wake Up WA State’s cancellation, Antifa members called for violence against the attendees on social media. “Yall best be on the streets on the 26th and may 1st fighting the fascists,” a post read. “There is no other choice but violence. After all they made that choice first and have taken so many from us.”

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