Breaking: Devin Nunes Reveals Durham Report Bombshell

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(SNews) – Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has warned that the revelations from Special Counsel John Durham’s explosive final report have marked a “sad day for America.”

During an appearance on Maria Bartiromo’s show on Sunday, Nunes discussed what the report highlights about what America lost as a nation due to Hillary Clinton’s actions.

Nunes discussed John Durham’s bombshell final report and explained that the support Clinton’s anti-Trump Russia Hoax received from the upper echelons of the federal government and law enforcement “represents[…] the total collapse of the justice system.”

While in Congress, Nunes led the charge in the House to uncover the truth about the fake Trump-Russia story.

As Slay News reported, Durham’s report finally confirmed, on the official record, that the Russia Hoax was fabricated by Hillary Clinton and her campaign with the knowledge of the Obama White House, FBI, and CIA.

Nunes was mocked by the corporate media at the time, but everything he exposed years ago has since been proven to be fact.

“This is a really sad day for America because what it represents is the total collapse of the justice system,” Nunes said.

“The Durham report reads like the tombstone for the justice system.

“And it would say something simple, like, ‘Here lies the justice system, the Justice Department, and we knew there was criminality, and we couldn’t do anything about it.’

“That’s really what the Durham report says.

“There’s a lot of great information in there, but nothing has been done.”

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