BREAKING: Dr. Ben Carson RIPS Liz Cheney Over Gross Negligence

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(SNews) – Former Trump official Dr. Ben Carson ripped the Liz Cheney-led Jan. 6 committee after it leaked thousands of Social Security numbers of high-profile Republicans and Trump allies.

Carson’s number was released along with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, and former Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

Carson said: “You would have thought that maybe they would have at least had the courtesy to contact the people whose lives have been affected by this. It’s been horrible. Obviously, I’ve put credit freezes on and put credit monitoring things into place.

“I’ve already had two incidents of fraud. It affects my family as well.

“And they say, oh, it’s just an accident.

“Why is that all these accidents tend to be focused in one direction?

“You know, you have to wonder about that.

“And I wonder if maybe some of these people suffer some of the consequences.

“Maybe we should expose their PII.

“This will have an impact for the rest of my life, and one of the horrible things is we’re sending messages to people, don’t get involved in government.

“Don’t be on the wrong side, because all of these coincidences will happen to you, too.

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“It’s hard to be accidental because when I was at HUD, we paid a tremendous amount of attention to PII release, and it’s not an accident,” he said.

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