Breaking: Elon Musk Accuses Biden of Insanely Illegal Overreach

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(SNews) – Elon Musk has accused Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration of “insanely illegal overreach” by weaponizing federal government agencies against him.

Musk accused Biden of using taxpayer-funded federal agencies to pressure him to enforce censorship on Twitter for political reasons.

Twitter has asked a federal court to terminate the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) consent order imposed in 2022.

The company alleges that the agency has “spiraled out of control and become tainted by bias.”

Biden’s FTC is accused of pursuing a “burdensome and vexatious” investigation of Twitter.

The order also seeks a stay that would prohibit the agency from deposing Musk.

The order argues that the agency’s desire to question Musk “derives from the same bad faith conduct that has characterized its investigation to date.”

A hearing is set for August 17.

The House Judiciary Committee said: “Joe Biden’s FTC wanted Ernst & Young to punish @elonmusk’s Twitter.

“If they didn’t, Ernst & Young feared they would be retaliated against by the government.”

Elon Musk said: “Insanely illegal overreach by FTC.”

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“FTC overreach has gone absurdly far beyond the legal mandate granted by Congress,” Musk continued.

“Weaponization of government agencies for censorship & political machinations needs to stop.”

“This platform is unique in no longer rubber-stamping FISA queries,” Musk added in another comment.

“They must be soundly justified.”

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