BREAKING: Elon Musk ATTACKED By Liberals For Vowing to Protect Kids

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(SNews) – Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk has come under attack from the “woke” mob after he vowed to introduce measures to better protect children from pedophiles online.

Musk was responding to questions regarding his approach to protecting kids from sexual predators on his newly-acquired social media platform Twitter.

After promising to “take action in this regard,” Musk bizarrely came under attack from leftists.

He was called a “bigot” for seeking to tackle child groomers and accused of “amplifying harmful far-right voices” for responding to concerns about the issue.

Musk commented on the issue after French President Emmanuel Macron asked the Twitter CEO about his plans to “better detect and stop sexual predators.”

“We need to better protect our children on social networks and the Internet!” Macron tweeted, in English.

“To protect our children on the Internet, we need to better verify user age, better detect and stop sexual predators, and better identify and address bullying,” he added.

“We need to be more efficient in taking down content.”

“[Elon Musk], Will the bird protect our children?” Macron asked Musk.

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Musk responded to Macron in the (French) affirmative, saying, “Absolument.”

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong then chimed in to suggest that Twitter should expand its Child sexual exploitation unit.

Musk replied by vowing to “take action”

Some leftists were appalled that Musk would even respond to Miles Cheong because they disagree with some of his political opinions.

Leftists continued by claiming that Musk’s response make him “far-right.”

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