BREAKING: Elon Musk Calls Out Biden’s CHILLING New Plan

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(Slay News) – Elon Musk has responded after the head of Democrat President Joe Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” revealed her chilling plan for Twitter.

In a video posted online earlier this week, Nina Jankowicz, the head of Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board,” discusses her ideas for censoring Twitter.

The video was recorded from a Zoom meeting and leaked to the Post Millenial, who tweeted it.

In a recording of the Zoom meeting, Jankowicz suggested that should have access to other people’s tweets so she could edit them if they contain perceived “disinformation”.

Jankowicz’s plan is that “verified” Twitter users should be able to edit other users’ tweets if they believe they are misleading.

She went on to say that she is “verified” by Twitter.

But “there are a lot of people who shouldn’t be verified, who aren’t legit” because “they’re not trustworthy.”

“Verified people can essentially start to ‘edit’ Twitter [in] the same sort of way that Wikipedia is so they can add context to certain tweets,” Jankowicz said.

She then offered this hypothetical situation to prove and justify her point:

“If President [Donald] Trump were still on Twitter and tweeted a claim about voter fraud, someone could add context from one of the 60 lawsuits that went through the court or something that an election official said…so that people have a fuller picture rather than just an individual claim on a tweet,” she said.

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However, Elon Musk, who is in the midst of buying Twitter, had a word to say about her plan.

To Jankowicz’s suggestions, Musk responded with just one word.

“Disconcerting …,” Musk tweeted.

While Musk announced that his takeover bid is currently “temporarily on hold” earlier this week, he later assured his followers that he’s “Still committed to acquisition.”

He suggested that the data provided by Twitter on the number of fake accounts on the platform may not be accurate.

Despite Jankowicz’s demands to censor social media and free speech, once Twitter is in Musk’s hands and private, she will have a hard time making it happen.

However, while Jankowicz may not be able to touch Twitter in a few months, she can still tamper with all other social media platforms.

Elon Musk Responds to Chilling Plan for Twitter by Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’

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