BREAKING: FBI Just Gave Alec Baldwin Career-Ending News

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(Slay News) – The FBI has doomed Alec Baldwin by concluding that the embattled Hollywood actor pulled the trigger in the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins on the “Rust” movie set.

The FBI conducted an accidental discharge test and determined the gun “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger.”

Baldwin told George Stephanopoulos in December he didn’t pull the trigger.

“The trigger wasn’t pulled,” he claimed.

“I didn’t pull the trigger.”

But according to the FBI Alec did indeed pull the trigger.

ABC News saw the FBI report and said:

“Accidental discharge testing determined that the firearm used in the shooting — a .45 Colt (.45 Long Colt) caliber F.lli Pietta single-action revolver — could not have fired without the trigger being pulled,” the FBI report shows.

“With the hammer in the quarter- and half-cock positions, the gun “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger,” the report states.

“With the hammer fully cocked, the gun “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger while the working internal components were intact and functional.

“With the hammer de-cocked on a loaded chamber, the gun was able to detonate a primer “without a pull of the trigger when the hammer was struck directly,” which is normal for this type of revolver, the report notes.

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From The Sante Fe New Mexican:

The FBI report, which as of Saturday evening had not been seen or independently verified by The New Mexican or any other media outlets, was sent to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 2.

The sheriff’s office received a final report from the New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator — which was waiting for the FBI report to finish its investigation — Wednesday.

According to a copy obtained by ABC News, that report determines that Hutchins died from a gunshot wound to the chest and classifies it as an accident.

“Review of available law enforcement reports showed no compelling demonstration that the firearm was intentionally loaded with live ammunition on set,” the report said.

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