BREAKING: Florida GOP Deal HUGE Blow To RINO Leadership

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(SNews) – The Florida GOP dealt a massive blow to Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and will hold a no-confidence vote on her next month. McDaniel is being challenged by Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman, for the chair.

“Florida’s the most-talked-about Republican state and we’re going to vote Ronna down,” said Anthony Sabatini, the GOP chair in Lake County who is behind the move. “It’s going to cause a cascading effect. She’s just steadily losing support. She knows people are just really mad. They all want her gone.”

He continued: “Today I sent a letter with 30 signees to the Chairman of the @FloridaGOP calling for a special meeting of the RPOF in order to vote on whether Ronna McDaniel should be terminated as RNC Chair.

“As goes Florida, so goes the Nation. Meeting will be held 2 weeks before the RNC vote

“Here are the 30 signees in accordance with Art. 9, Sec. 2. of the RPOF Constitution.

“This letter now mandates that Chairman @JoeGruters to call a special meeting within 30 days.

“It’s time for the Nation to hear from the Free State of Florida on who should lead the GOP.

“I believe Harmeet Dhillon @pnjaban is the best person to lead our Party.”

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Joe Gruters backs Ronna and said: “Whatever we’ve asked for, she has given us.

“Some of the people throwing the stones at Ronna have been the biggest failures in their own states. There should be some self-reflection by these people.”

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The GOP’s national committeeman in Florida, Peter Feaman, said of Ronna’s challenger Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman. “Harmeet has a lot of support from grassroots members. It’s amazing.”

Leon County Chair Evan Powers said:

“I don’t know where Gruters is getting his political advice from, but it’s bad.

“The grassroots here doesn’t want Ronna.

“We’ve had three losses nationwide and that’s enough for a lot of people.”

“Ronna McDaniel failed in her position as RNC Chair in the 2022 election cycle and has yielded extremely unimpressive election results for the GOP in the last 3 election cycles,” the petition says.

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