Breaking: Fox News Star Calls For The Impeachment of Joe Biden

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(SNews) – Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo had Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on her show where Maria called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden and four of his Cabinet officials, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, the Attorney General, the Treasury Secretary, and the Energy Secretary.

Maria said: “I can understand the issues that you’re looking at given the corruption on one hand, and the ineptitude of policy on the other hand.

“You know, who do you impeach first? Do you impeach Joe Biden for corruption, uh, taking all of this money, or do you impeach Alejandro Mayorkas for ineptitude and dereliction of duty at the border?

“Or, do you impeach Merrick Garland for interfering in an investigation and lying under oath?

“I mean, you’ve got lots of choices here, and I didn’t even mention Janet Yellin, telling us inflation was ‘transitory.’

“And the energy secretary Jennifer Granholm not really knowing how much energy and oil we need.”

Elise said:

“Well, certainly, you know, we’re doing multiple investigations on Homeland, you know, it is clear that Secretary Mayorkas has been derelict of his duty.

“But it’s not just Secretary Mayorkas, Maria.

“It’s Joe Biden’s administration.

“When it comes to Attorney General Merrick Garland, it was my questions that revealed that the Department of Justice solicited the letter it used to go after parents as terrorists, based upon my questions that we were able to unveil that.

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“So, yes, we will make sure that we’re holding them accountable and, you know, certainly there’s a lot of officials to hold accountable.

“We’re going to leave no stone unturned.”

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