Breaking: Hollywood Legend Sounds The Alarm On Failed Dem Policies

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(SNews) – Actor Scott Baio slammed the failed state of California on Fox News telling Jesse Watters he moved from California to Florida because the Golden State has turned into a “third-world country.”

Baio said: “I’ve been there for 45 years, Jesse, and I’ve watched Southern California devolve into a third-world country. (See Video Below)

“Between the homeless defecating on the sidewalk, doing drugs on the sidewalk in the middle of the day, illegal aliens all over the place, laws mean nothing, crime is out of control, graffiti on everything.

“And all my tax dollars, I don’t know what they go for.

“I’m afraid to go to the mall, my wife and kid are afraid to go to the mall.

“I’ve been in California a very, very long time and it’s so sad to me.

“I’ve got family and I’ve got friends there.

“I didn’t want to leave, but I’ve been pretty much forced out.

“You know what’s interesting to me?

“You know how many requests I’ve had for interviews because I tweeted I’m leaving California?

‘Maybe 40.

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“Nobody has ever asked, that I know of, any liberal actor that’s left California to come on and talk about why they left California.

“Katy Perry left California to move to Kentucky or something.

“Me, because I want to get out of the hell hole that it’s become, I don’t get it.

“I must be a unicorn or something.”

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