BREAKING: Jen Psaki SLAMMED Over Hunter Biden Hypocrisy… Unbelievable

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(The Post Millennial) – The White House was asked on Thursday about Hunter Biden’s laptop, reporting about which was done by the New York Post in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. That reporting showed the involvement between Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

In October 2020, press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that the information on the laptop was “Russian disinfo,” and she was asked about this tweet by a reporter. “You also, in October 2020, dismissed it as ‘Russian disinformation,'” the reporter began. “Do you stand by that assessment?”

“Again,” Psaki said, “I’d point you to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden’s representatives. I’m a spokesperson for the United States, he doesn’t work for the United States.”

“The New York Times has authenticated emails that appear to have come fro a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden in Delaware,” another reporter began. “The President previously said that the New York Post story about this was ‘a bunch of garbage’ and that it was a Russian plant, does he stand by this assessment?”

Psaki, again, pointed the reporter to the Department of Justice.

The New York Post’s editorial board on Thursday published an op-ed issuing scathing remarks against The New York Times, after the paper decided more than a year after their The Post’s bombshell reporting that “Hunter Biden’s business woes” were worthy of a story, and that they finally noted that the Biden laptop is legitimate.

The New York Times article ran on Wednesday, and concerned a federal investigation Hunter Biden and his tax liability.
President Biden, Psaki, big tech companies, and media outlets all claimed that the laptop was fake, a Russian plot, or hacked. The Post’s reporting on the matter was suppressed, censored, and in many cases, outlets ran stories on why they would not report on the revelations rather than report on the facts themselves as presented by the Post.

The reporting made connections between Biden and his son’s business dealings, though Biden had repeatedly said that he was not involved.

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