BREAKING: Joe Biden ACCUSED – D.C. In Chaos

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(Big League Politics) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is accusing the administration of President Joe Biden and bureaucrats of the European Union of interfering in the nation’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

Orban accused globalist oligarch George Soros of working to undermine the democratic voice of Hungarians, along with the western governments, mainstream media, and NGO’s when speaking at a rally attended by tens of thousands in the nation’s capital of Budapest.

“But what matters is not what they in Brussels, in Washington and in the media which is directed from abroad, want. It will be Hungarians deciding about their own fate,” said Orban of the upcoming election.

“Brussels speaks to us and treats us, along with the Poles, as if we were an enemy … well, it is time for them in Brussels to understand that even the communists could not defeat us,” pledged the prime minister, referring to the headquarters of the European Union.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry’s deputy state secretary for North America is also pointing to Radio Free Europe, an American state broadcaster in the continent, of circulating “disinformation and fake news” in hopes of impugning Orban’s government.

“In the minds of Hungarians, Radio Free Europe is no longer perceived in a positive light; its image has been greatly tarnished,” said Ferenc Dancs at a Washington event on Thursday.

Orban, who has governed as Prime Minister of Hungary since 2010, may face the most united challenge to his government in his tenure in the next election. Neoliberal parties have united in a coalition with the antisemitic Jobbik party, offering a conservative-leaning opposition figure in Peter Marki-Zay who seemingly espouses the traditionalist and Christian values Orban has emphasized as prime minister. Contrary to false claims on the part of western governments that Orban is an antidemocratic fascist, the former anti-communist organizer has won national elections by large margins since the Fidesz Party became the strongest party in Hungary.

The next Hungarian parliamentary elections are slated to be held before Spring 2022.

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