BREAKING: John Kerry Gets Absolutely HUMILIATED

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(Slay News) – Democrat President Joe Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry was humiliated in Los Angeles when he was snubbed by the president of Chile.

President Joe Biden has had a rough two years in office.

The American people have had it a lot harder because of Joe’s lousy decisions or lack thereof.

Biden continues to flop not just at home but on the world stage.

he is hosting a big conference, The Summit of the Americas, in Los Angeles where he got snubbed by Mexico’s president who refused to attend But that wasn’t the only snub the American delegation received at the Summit.

Biden admin official John Kerry was humiliated by Chile’s leader. President Gabriel Boric of Chile was bashing America for not showing up at an event while Kerry was a few feet away from him.

Boric said: “If we are capable of using our leadership to protect what is all of humanity – because this is not just about our countries, this is about all of humanity.

“We are going to be contributing in a decisive way and we will be able to say with more authority to developed countries – like the United States, which is not present here, like the European Union, like China and like India, that they have the duty to make more efforts to protect our environment.”

A few minutes later a man crept up and handed Boric a note making Boric acknowledge Kerry. Ouch.

He said:

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“I’m sorry, a small correction on my part.

“When I made a mention of developed countries to pressure them here, I was thinking of Europe, China, India, I mentioned the United States … the United States is present here, with John Kerry.

“And that is also tremendously important for us.

“Canada and the U.S. are part of the G7 and I have no doubt that from that leadership, as well, we will be able to push the other developed countries to add themselves to this.”

Kerry responded, “I just have one question: where is the beer?”

The press department of Channel 13 said:

“President Boric rectifies: he accused the absence of the United States is launching a coalition across the oceans, just meters from John Kerry.

“I only have one question, where are the beers,” replied the American envoy.”

“We should all be here and we are not all here,” Boric said Friday taking a swipe at Biden for not allowing certain leaders to be there.

“I don’t like the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua because it would be different to discuss, in a forum like this one with all countries present, the urgent need to free political prisoners in Nicaragua or the moral and practical necessity of ending the unjust an unacceptable blockade by the United States against the people of Cuba.”

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