Breaking: Juanita Broaddrick Goes NUCLEAR On Pervy Joe Biden

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(SNews) – Bill Clinton’s rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick has reached her limit with Democrat President Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior toward women and children.

Broaddrick fired back with a furious response after Biden was filmed trying to grope Hollywood star Eva Longoria at the White House this week.

The actress backed away from Biden’s grasp but the president added to the controversy by making a creepy joke about the actress during a speech on the South Lawn on Thursday.

“We’ve known each other a long time,” 80-year-old Biden joked about the 48-year-old actress during his speech on the White House South Lawn Thursday.

“She was 17; I was 40.”

However, the comment was even creepier when the pair’s actual ages are compared.

Biden would’ve been 50 when Longoria was 17, and she would have been 7 when the president was 40.

But it was Biden’s touchy-feely behavior with Longoria that is raising concerns.

Biden is seen in videos grabbing Longoria and pulling her into him.

He then moves his hands to brush her breasts before she grabs his arms and moves them away from her body.


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