BREAKING: Judge Drops BOMBSHELL Ruling… Biden Running SCARED

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(Slay) – A federal judge has overruled Democrat President Joe Biden and blocked his administration from ending the successful Trump-era Title 42 border policy.

U.S. Judge Robert Summerhays blocked Biden’s CDC from ending Title 42 as planned on Monday, May 23.

The border policy has enabled border authorities to quickly expel illegal immigrants at the southern U.S. border back to Mexico.

The measure uses public health grounds and was implemented amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a 47-page ruling on Friday, Judge Robert Summerhays in Louisiana granted a nationwide injunction to block the termination of Title 42.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) move to terminate the policy didn’t comply with the Administrative Procedure Act that requires public notice and time to gather public comment on the plan, Judge Summerhays ruled.

“Simply put, the CDC has not explained how the present circumstances prevented the CDC from issuing the Termination Order through the required notice and comment process under the [Administrative Procedure Act],” Summerhays wrote.

The notice and comment process can potentially take months to complete.

“Given the impact of the Termination Order on the Plaintiff States and their showing that the CDC did not comply with the [Administrative Procedure Act], the Court concludes that the public interest would be served by a preliminary injunction preventing the termination of the CDC’s Title 42 Orders,” the ruling reads.

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