BREAKING: Kamala Harris Is FURIOUS – She Was Just…

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The Hill reports that former Vice President Mike Pence just scalded current Vice President Kamala Harris following her recent pro-abortion speech.

Harris gave the speech on Tuesday at an EMILY’s List conference. There, she targeted Republicans who are looking to place more stringent restrictions on access to abortions.

At one point in the speech, Harris went on this rant:

Those Republican leaders who are trying to weaponize the use of the law against women — how dare they? How dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body? How dare they? How dare they try to stop her from determining her own future? How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms?

Harris has been widely mocked for the rant with some comparing her to teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who has herself given a “How dare you!” speech.

Pence’s rebuke

Pence wouldn’t be expected to mock Harris in the same way as many social media users, and he didn’t.

Rather, at a gala for the Carolina Pregnancy Center that was held on Thursday, Pence emphasized the gravity of the abortion issue noting that “62 million unborn boys and girls ended in abortion” since the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade, was decided.

“Since 1973, generations of mothers enduring heartbreaking and loss that can last a lifetime,” Pence said.

“Madame Vice President, how dare you?” he added.


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The national abortion debate has heated up ever since Politico’s publication of a draft decision from the Supreme Court, a decision that appears to overturn Roe. The draft was leaked by an anonymous source. It was for the case in which the justices are considering Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has confirmed that the leaked draft, which was written by Justice Samuel Alito, is authentic. But, he emphasized that it is just a draft and doesn’t necessarily represent what the outcome will be.

Some, including Pence, believe that the draft was leaked to try to alter the final outcome. Pence said that he hopes the justices will not succumb to the pressure that they are now facing in the wake of the leak.

“My hope, and frankly my prayer, is that those five justices on the Supreme Court have the courage of their convictions and will give us a fresh start on life in America,” Pence said.

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