BREAKING: Liberal Host Whoopi Goldberg Gets HUMILIATED By GOP Senator

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(SNews) – Republican Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) has set Whoopi Goldberg straight after “The View” co-host made offensive statements about him.

She claimed that she can’t tell the difference between Tim Scott and Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) without seeing a picture of them.

Goldberg seemingly made the comments in support of “woke” leftists who claim Tim Scott isn’t really black because he’s a Republican.

“Tim Scott, black Tim Scott, right, because there are two Scotts and I don’t know how to differentiate them without a picture,” Goldberg said.

“Tim Scott is black, right? Okay.

“He’s about to run, announce his running, they’re going to be out of the woodwork, so don’t just settle.”


Scott fired back at Goldberg on social media after watching the video.

He said:

“To clear up any confusion, Whoopi, despite @ScottForFlorida and I sporting similar hairstyles and representing the South, we are two different people.

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“You should get to know me.”

Scott called out co-host Sunny Hostin when she mocked Nikky Haley earlier:

“I can’t imagine that in America today that Sunny’s having a conversation about Nikki Haley’s name.

“Let’s have a conversation about how good of a governor she was.

“Let’s have a conversation about how all of South Carolinians, especially minorities in our state, saw their opportunities go up, not down under her leadership.

“The fact of the matter is that when you see strong, powerful, positive minorities standing up on the conservative side, the left always wants to hit and demoralize, diminish our impact,” Scott said.

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