BREAKING: Liz Cheney PANICS – Makes Desperate Move To Save Her Career

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(Slay News) – Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) campaign is now telling Wyoming Democrats to register as Republicans and vote for her over Harriet Hageman in the primary and save her political career.

Liz Cheney told the Washington Post: “I’ve been a conservative Republican since I first voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984. I encourage everyone with principles who loves our country to exercise their right to vote.

“And, damn right, I will continue to give every voter in Wyoming a list of all the key rules for casting ballots in our state. If any eligible voter living in Wyoming wishes to become a Republican, they are free to do so. That is their right.”

“We have anticipated that she would do this and we have accounted for the possibility that a higher number of Democrats than normal would crossover in the primary, and Harriet will still win even if that is the case,” a Hageman adviser said.

“We’re all over it and there aren’t enough Democrats in Wyoming for this gambit to work,” a different Hageman adviser told CNN.

According to The New York Times:

“In the last week, Wyoming Democrats have received mail from Ms. Cheney’s campaign with specific instructions on how to change their party affiliation to vote for her. Ms. Cheney’s campaign website now has a link to a form for changing parties.

Joseph Barbuto, the chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party, was among those who received Ms. Cheney’s instructions.

“Mr. Barbuto said that over the last week, his social media feeds have been flooded with Democrats — and only Democrats — posting about receiving mailers from the Cheney campaign.”

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