BREAKING: Major Left-Wing Media Org Just TURNED On Joe Biden… It’s BAD

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(Slay News) – Left-wing ABC News has blasted President Joe Biden for being a ” serious drag on Democratic candidates nationwide.”

The network was responding to grim polling nimbers for Biden as many expect a red wave in the looming November midterm elections.

According to the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden’s job approval is more than 13 points underwater.

His job approval rating ranges from the high-30s to the low-40s.

Meanwhile, Biden’s job disapproval rating ranges from the low-50s to high-50s.

The negative trajectory began after the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and it has continued to deteriorate since as the president oversees from one crisis to the next.

Biden’s low approval also spells bad news for Democrats hoping to retain control of Congress after the 2022 midterm elections.

On Sunday, ABC News explained the grim situation for Democrats.

“Biden is a serious drag on Democratic candidates nationwide,” warned ABC News’s Rick Klein.

“He is badly underwater on all of the top issues.”


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The bashing from ABC comes as reports emerged that Biden is “seething” that his poll numbers are worse than those of President Donald Trump.

In a new report late Sunday, Politico disclosed that tensions are running high in the West Wing.

According to the outlet, Biden is the “greatest source” of frustrations.

The report, which painted the Biden administration as the passive recipient of countless crises, claims that Biden is very aware of his embarrassing poll numbers.

Per Politico:

The president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump, whom Biden routinely refers to in private as “the worst president” in history and an existential threat to the nation’s democracy.

The concern among those in the White House is that Biden is becoming Jimmy Carter 2.0, i.e., a one-term president who was unable to overcome serious blunders.

Tensions are so high that Biden recently “erupted” because staffers did not keep him informed about the seriousness of the baby formula shortage, Politico reported.

Other problems sending the West Wing into chaos — in addition to sky-high inflation and record-high gas prices — include the revolving door of staffers and the tight control that aides exercise over the president.

The White House, however, is denying Politico’s depiction of the West Wing.

“This depiction of the White House is simply divorced from reality,” said spokesman Andrew Bates.

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