Breaking: Mark Zuckerberg Could Face A Year In Jail As Congress Makes Its Move

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(SNews) – Fox News correspondent Hillary Vaughn confirmed that House Republicans plan to move forward with holding Mark Zuckerberg in contempt of Congress.

“Fox News has confirmed the House will move forward to cite Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for contempt of Congress. House Republicans say the social media giant has not turned over enough documents that would shine a light on the company’s censorship bans,” Sandra Smith said before introducing Vaughn.

Vaughn said: “Sandra, this is all a part of the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into whether or not media coordinated with the White House and the executive branch to censor people on their platform and by extension, violating the First Amendment rights of users on their platform.

“But Meta has handed over documents to the committee. The committee, though, says these documents do not suffice.

“They are not actively complying with the subpoena requests for information.

“They first issued the subpoena back in February.

“In May, the committee reached out to Meta, saying that so far what they turned over was insufficient and that they were failing to comply.

“Today, Meta handed over even more internal documents to the committee.

“But the committee, sources on the committee told me that that is not enough.

“Meta is reacting to this scheduled hearing to try to cite Zuckerberg for contempt, telling me this, ‘We began sharing documents before the committee’s February subpoena and have continued to do so.

“”To date, we have delivered over 53,000 pages of documents, both internal and external, and have made nearly a dozen current and former employees available to discuss external and internal matters, including some scheduled this very week.’

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“But in the committee’s contempt report, we’re getting insight into what they say they needed and that they did not get from Meta saying this, ‘The committee has a particular need for Meadows internal documents which would shed light on how meta understood, evaluated and responded to the executive branch’s requests or directives to censor content as well as matters decision making process to censor viewpoints in the modern town square.’

“Now, Sandra, if held in contempt, Zuckerberg could face up to a year in jail.

“But that’s only if the DOJ or the U.S. Attorney were to move forward with prosecution.

“That is not very likely.”

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