BREAKING: Michelle Obama DEVASTATED – This is Going Viral

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Triggered leftists call trend racist, sexist and transphobic

(Infowars) – Liberals on Twitter went bonkers Monday night when “Big Mike” began trending in reference to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Following her virtual Democrat National Convention speech, social media users on the right threw out a favorite subject of conjecture: the question of Michelle’s masculinity.

Naturally, leftists were triggered, calling the trend and the people making tweets about racist, sexist and transphobic.

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The theory Michelle Obama may be transgender started long ago, after Barack Obama himself mistakenly called her “Michael” at least twice.

The theory gained further traction when people began scouring photos and discovered there are none available online showing Michelle pregnant with either of her two daughters.

Infowars’ Alex Jones also did several tongue-in-cheek segments in which he analyzed photos appearing to indicate Michelle has a penis.

But it was late actress Joan Rivers who first threw gas on the theory in 2014 when she was asked if she thought America would ever see its first gay president.

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” she told a paparazzo. “You know Michelle (Obama) is a trans.”

Before being whisked away, Rivers added, “A transgender. We all know it.”

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