BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi BUSTED – She’s In Trouble Now

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(Slay News) – The ex-head of President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz, called out Speaker Nancy Pelosi for spreading blatant misinformation in fundraising emails.

Jankowicz busted Pelosi (D-CA) for “blatant misrepresentation” of polling data she used to trick Dem voters into thinking the Democrats’ chances in the 2022 midterms are better than they are.

Nina said: “While it’s not the most outrageous falsely-attributed statement I’ve seen in a 22 fundraising email, this blatant misrepresentation of @fivethirtyeight’s work is unacceptable. Dems should drop this disinfo (as I would wager it was deliberate) & focus fundraising on real issues.

“In every Congressional testimony I’ve given, I’ve emphasized that disinformation is a democratic issue, not a partisan one.

“The current polarized, hysterical climate around imaginary versions of counter-disinformation work makes doing it impossible.”

“Yeah, this is straight-up misinformation from Pelosi. We have Democrats as heavy underdogs in Florida and Ohio.”

According to Mediaite:

“In Pelosi’s email, she was so excited that she said she was in “disbelief,” claiming Silver’s FiveThirtyEight had Democrats tracking to win seats in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Ohio.”

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