Breaking: NIKE Just Went-All In Against Israel

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(The Post Millennial) – Athletic footwear giant Nike announced on Sunday that they will no longer be working directly with retailers in Israel as of May 31, 2022.

“Following a comprehensive review performed by the company and considering the changing marketplace, it has been decided that the continuation of the business relationship between you and the company does no longer match the company‚Äôs policy and goals,” read a letter received by Israeli sporting good stores from Nike.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “Nike believes it can earn much higher profits and control its premium product experience by managing the entire sales process itself. The company also ended its relationship with Amazon in 2019.”

“Nonetheless, stores in Israel say the move would harm their abilities to remain profitable. Some may opt for parallel imports, receiving Nike products from independent suppliers, but that would raise prices.”

Nike has recently gone on a pronounced “woke” tack, as far as its international image goes. They famously, back in Jan. 2021, announced that they would no longer contribute to any politician who publicly supports ex-President Donald Trump.

The sporting goods giant initially supported the Chinese government, then walked it back, deciding not to source raw materials such as cotton from China’s Xinjiang region, where lots of evidence exists that such cotton is produced by slave labor by the local Uighur population.

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