BREAKING: Secret Service SHUTS DOWN Anti-Trump DA Alvin Bragg

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(SNews) – Democrats were stunned and disheartened to learn that President Donald Trump will get special treatment by our justice system because he is the 45th POTUS.

By law, Trump must be surrounded by a large team of Secret Service agents for the rest of his life.

So when Trump turns himself in for his arraignment today, he will not be treated like everyone else because, aside from everything else, he’s protected by a team of government agents 24/7.

And if this case does not get dismissed, Trump won’t go to jail because by law must be surrounded by a team of Secret Service agents.

There are no exceptions for arrest or imprisonment.

The only way to change it is to change the law, which would be unlikely since the Republicans control the House.

Trump will not be handcuffed, placed in a jail cell, or have a mugshot taken.

The Secret Service said no handcuffs allowed and joked that if they ever take a mugshot of Trump it will be a “group mugshot.”

According to Rolling Stone:

He will not be handcuffed, according to the law enforcement official: “Secret Service said absolutely not, no cuffs, no way.”

Outside, there will be counter-snipers on rooftops. NYPD will be outside, with riot gear, bracing for protests to turn violent.

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Secret Service will have about 40 agents posted around the courthouse.

Trump’s personal detail, known as “the shift,” will be inches away from him at all times.

“It will be a shitshow,” says the law enforcement official.

The Manhattan DA did not return requests for comment.

The source says that Trump’s mug shot will be anything but ordinary, owing to the Secret Service team surrounding him at all times.

“We may have a group mugshot,” the official says.

“I wish I was joking, I’m not.”

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