BREAKING: Supreme Court BOMBSHELL – Biden Admin Panics

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(Big League Politics) – The mainstream media is covering ongoing Supreme Court litigation regarding President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, and suggesting to their audiences that the mandate is about to the overturned. CNN and the New York Times ran content framing the SCOTUS arguments during litigation regarding the vaccine as a poor development for the Biden administration, predicting that the vaccine mandate would be overturned.

CNN legal analyst Joan Bisupic suggested that the court would be likely to overturn the mandate, focusing on remarks from left-leaning Chief Justice and George W. Bush appointee John Roberts. In questioning during oral arguments. Roberts appeared to accuse the federal government of going too far in its nearly universal vaccine mandate, which requires any company that has more than 100 workers to mandate vaccination as a term of employment.

“This is something that the federal government has never done before,” said Roberts of the unprecedented policy.

Roberts is considered something of a swing vote on the court, with Republican presidents now having appointed 6 of the court’s 9 judges.

The New York Times also described the Supreme Court’s conservative majority as “skeptical” of the vaccine mandate, with justices arguing that states should regulate their own workplaces and questioning the legal basis of the vaccine mandate.

The court is reportedly more prepared to uphold a less broad vaccine mandate that would require all workers in the healthcare industry to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Biden’s OSHA mandate has already met considerable legal scrutiny in the court system, with the policy more likely than not to be overthrown once and for all at the Supreme Court. A SCOTUS overturn of the policy could force Biden back to the drawing board on coercing more vaccination among the public, with the overwhelming majority of Americans having already taken the medicine.

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