BREAKING: The END – Bill Gates Makes Shock Announcement (Video)

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(Slay News) – Billionaire Bill Gates has dropped a bomb at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland by arguing that there’s no “point” in vaccine mandates if the vaccinations don’t work.

Microsoft co-founder Gates was speaking during a panel discussion at the globalist gathering in Davos, Switzerland when he shot down vaccine passports and mandates.

This week, world leaders, oligarchs, and corporation heads have gathered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) event.

The event marks the first time in three years that the annual gathering in the Swiss luxury ski resort of Davos has been held in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, all attendees at the annual meeting must be triple-vaccinated.

“The idea of checking if people are vaccinated – you know if you have breakthrough infections – what’s the point?” Gates blasted during a panel discussion this week.


According to WND, Stanford University epidemiologist Dr. Jay Battacharya is among the many medical scientists who have been arguing for more than a year that the inability of the COVID vaccines to stop infection and transmission undermines vaccine passports and the requirements by governments and businesses that employees get the shots.

“Now that @BillGates has seen the light on the uselessness of vaccine passports (& mandates), I would like to extend an invitation to him to sign the @gbdeclaration,” he wrote on Twitter.

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His reference was to the Great Barrington Declaration he drafted along with epidemiologists Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford and Dr. Martin Kulldorf, then of Harvard.

The declaration criticized COVID-19 measures, particularly universal lockdowns, calling instead for focused protection of the vulnerable older population based on data showing they are more than a thousand times more likely to die from COVID infection than the young.

During the WEF panel Wednesday, Gates said that any future COVID vaccines must block infection and be of “long duration.”

The current vaccines, he said, “have saved millions of lives, but they don’t have much in the way of duration. and they’re not good at infection blocking.”

Davos attendees must be tested for COVID-19 both before and after the five-day event along with being “fully vaccinated,” which means two doses and a booster shot, CNBC reported.

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