BREAKING: They GOT HER – Far-left Activist Finally Charged

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(The Post Millennial) – On Wednesday, the Illinois State Police announced that authorities had arrested the far-left activist accused of vandalizing slain Chicago police officer Ella French’s memorial, which had been set up in the James R. Thompson Center.

In a press release, the Illinois State Police said that law endorcement arrested 26-year-old Anna Kochakian and charged her with the Class Four felony of Criminal Damage to Property — Defacement of a Police Memorial.

On Feb. 9, after an investigation was concluded, ISP agents obtained an arrest warrant for Kochakian. At around 10 am, District 15 Investigators and the Chicago Police Department took Kochakian into custody at her residence.

According to Chicago Police Deputy Director of News Affairs and Communications Tom Ahern, Kochakian was arrested with the handcuff of French’s partner, Officer Carlos Yanez Jr. Yanez was also shot in the same incident where French was killed.

“This was a moment of justice for Ella, her family, the Chicago Police Department and all those who knew and loved Ella,” wrote Ahern.

Kochakian appeared in court on Thursday, where Judge Charles Beach II issued a $15,000 D-bond, according to the Chicago Tribune.

On Aug. 19, 2021, Kochakian allegedly vandalized the memorial that had been placed in the Thompson Center the same day French had been laid to rest.

In court, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said surveillance video captured Kochakian walking around the atrium and two troopers also noticed her, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I got ‘ma’am’ed once but kept walking without looking back w my big headphones on #AbolitionNow,” wrote Kochakian in the original tweet containing the video of French’s photo being taken off of a Back the Blue wreath and crumpled.

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“cf earlier attempt to kick the whole stand down that didn’t pan out esp w the acoustics,” Kochakian continued, with a video showing the first attempt to knock the memorial over. Both videos have since been reposted across Twitter.

Video footage captured Kochakian throwing something in a trash can and getting on a train afterward, Murphy said.

Investigators discovered that Kochakian was at the Thompson Center that day to renew her license. The investigators also discovered the videos of the vandalism that she posted on her Twitter profile under the username “GardenCommunist.”

“This was not a spur of the moment act,” Murphy said, noting that the vandalism occurred on the same day as French’s funeral. “This was designed to hurt. There’s no question about that.”

Kochakian’s next court date is scheduled for March 2.

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