Breaking: Top Celebrity Tweets Profane Insults to Unvaccinated People

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(The Post Millenial) – YouTuber Philip DeFranco tweeted profane insults on Sunday to individuals that are hesitant on getting the experimental non-FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine.

“lol Imagine having the eligibility and access to get the vaccine and saying nahhhhh. Also to the pearl cluthers offended by this tweet yes I am calling you stupid and you can go f*ck yourself you ignorant selfish f*ckface,” DeFranco said in a tweet.

After the tweet received immense backlash on Twitter, the YouTuber released a statement defending his earlier remarks.

“I’d like to apologize for my last tweet saying your a dumb f*ck if you have the eligibility and access to get the vaccine but choose not to get it. Just kidding. Hahahaha f*ck you again. And to the people saying, ‘Oh wow name calling is really going to convince me.’ I’m done trying to convince you. That’s over. I’m just gonna mock you for believing a bunch of f*ck-face grifters monetizing misinformation and/or ignorance over scientists using the most recent and relevant info,” DeFranco said.

Political commentator Mike Cernovich slammed DeFranco’s statement and commented on his “creepy” career choice.

“You’re a middle aged man doing gossip blogging to a mostly teen audience, basically a total creeper if we’re being honest here,” Cernovich said in a tweet on Sunday.

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